The London Bi Social
A Night out for Bi People, their friends & Allies

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The London Bi Social is on the last Tuesday of every month.

Details of private bi parties and other events will be sent out in a newsletter and our own private events are set aside for those people who have attended socials or have met us elsewhere. If you want to be kept informed then drop us a line at the email above or below.

If you would like to get involved in online discussions and get to know some of the people who come along then check out the London Bi Social Livejournal Community

We organise laid back get together for bi singles, bi couples and their friends. Previous socials have all been well attended with numbers ranging for 8-40 people. It is great to see a number of people returning each time as well as a good number of new faces as well.

It is a purely social event with people from various places, other groups, the public at large, yahoo clubs, newsgroups, websites and newsletters/discussion lists.The intention is to provide a public event where people can get to know others, make new friends and have a drink and a chat with like minded people..

If you would like to be kept up to date or if you have any questions please register your interest by sending an

F.A.Q. (so far)

Is it a Gang Bang or Group Sex Event?
No, No , No. Social is not a code word, if we wanted to hold a Sex Party we would call it a Sex Party, as it stands it is a social event, in a PUBLIC place for chatting and getting to know people on neutral ground in a relaxed and fun setting.

Is it still on?
Unless we send out a mail saying its off then the event is always going ahead. We only send out mails when there is something new to say rather than bombard people with mails saying nothing at all.

Where is it?
In a Pub. Well we keep the location vague for a few reasons. For one it allows us to change it at the last minute should we need to. Another reason is that its a public bar that knows nothing about the event and we do not want people calling the bar asking about this and that

Who is it for?
All manner of people as long as everyone has an open mind, relaxed non pushy attitude and a sense of fun with an underlying interest in bisexuality.

Can I come if I am part of a couple but my partner is straight?
You are both more than welcome as long as everyone realises there is the distinct possibility that you will be "chatted up" by someone of the same gender.

Who is going to be there?
All sorts of people, singles of both genders, both bi and gay as well as bi couples and gay couples.

Whats planned for the evening?
Nothing, just drink, laugh, eat food and make new friends in a friendly atmosphere with people like you.

Where and what time?
Well the where will be released by email only to those that wish to go a few days before the event, it is always in a pub though. The time is 6:30pm until closing time. We do not plan on going on anywhere else until the bar closes but feel free to make your own arrangements.

What other events are on?
Well the socials are now well established and happen usually on the last tuesday of every month. There are also occasional private house parties..

Are there any places left?
No such thing, the more the merrier it is just a bar after all with a slightly more open minded group of customers!!

How many couples/singles are attending?
Like any event, numbers var
y so to tell the truth we are not counting!! We are going to have a good night no matter what.

Am I too old, too young, not pretty enough?
This is open to everyone who is old enough to drink and anything else just does not matter.

I am party of a polyamorous relationship can I come?
All are welcome as long as they are either bi or "bi-friendly" as mentioned before.

My partner has no bi leanings can I come alone?
That is a moral issue that we have no control over, we are just organising a social get together the rest is up to you.

What next?
Drop us a line at the londonbisocial email address and we shall keep you up to date about the event and any changes to this web site.